Coronavirus - Statement


The situation around the coronavirus concerns us greatly. This statement is to inform customers and all other stakeholders about the measures Earlybird Food AG is taking regarding the Coronavirus.


Measures taken, to make sure our employees and customers stay safe (in addition to the mandatory hygienic standards already implemented)

  1. All employees are advised to follow the instructions of the federal & cantonal office of public health
  2. Emloyees with any symptoms must contact the company immediately, stay home and go to testing.
  3. Additional healthcheck of all employees before work starts.
  4. Additional disinfection of the workplaces, delivery mobiles and logistic locations.
  5. Delivery employees are advised to avoid close contact, if possible. Our couriers carry a hand disinfectant with them and disinfect their hands before and after each delivery.
  6. Delivery employees are wearing a face mask as of the decisions of the Directorate of Health in Zurich.

Measures, Customers can take, to minimize the infection risk:

  1. Wash fruits without peel/skin, before eating
  2. Inform us immediately, if there is any insecurity regarding our services


Zurich, 31.1.2022



Earlybird Food AG, Aaraugerstrasse 1

8048 Zürich / 043 331 31 91